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August 20, 2010



The color is gorgeous! And your upcoming trip sounds wonderful too :) I agree that it's important to have just the right travel knitting.

Nathalie (spacedlaw)

Something lifted from David Leibovitz' blog for when you come home:

When I was a kid growing up in New England, I wouldn’t eat lobster. I know, I know. If you could reach through this screen and slap me, I’d let you. But back them, it wasn’t considered a ‘gourmet’ delicacy, like it is today. Of course, now all I want is a lobster roll crammed full of freshly boiled lobster. So who knew that was available in Manhattan? (Outside of Adam’s apartment, see above.)

Although I was extremely tempted by the fried clams (but could they be better than Howard Johnson’s tendersweet fries clams? RIP..), I went with the Lobster Schooner, which included a lobster roll, a fancy soda (I took root beer, of course), Miss Vickie’s chips (I don’t know who Miss Vickie is but with chips like this, she should be a Mrs. by now), and a pickle. All for just $16.

The roll was a pull-apart roll, fried in butter, then filled with lobster meat and a dab of mayo and more butter. (There’s a bit of quibbling between New Englanders: I like no mayo and all-butter, but a few argue that mayonnaise is required. Because I’m not from the south, I can’t argue with the bbq folks, but I will take up the fight for all-butter lobster rolls when and where required.) The lobster was a bit underseasoned, likely because the boiling water wasn’t salted enough, and I wasn’t fond of the white peppery mixture sprinkled on top. But those are just minor quibbles because for the price and quality, and the extremely nice guys at the counter, Luke’s Lobster is worth dropping anchor for.

Luke’s Lobster
242 East 81st Street (at 2nd Avenue)
93 East 7th Street (at 1st Avenue)

Have one for me, why don't you?

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