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July 15, 2009



I want to SEE it!! My daughters, although they've read/listened to the book many times, have decided that the inferi might be too scary. Poop. I'm going to have to sneak away, I can tell...

lake zombie people yes - scary - but the stupid people in my theater laughed at everything, INCLUDINg when the lake people sucked harry under - wtf?!

the entry to the lake, (stones.blood.dumbledore) was SO incredibly like I had pictured it in my head. The lake scene too, except I hadn't pictured the ground and island as those weird crystal things or at least I didn't remember it,.

oh yeah, going down, there was LOTS of double entendre in this movie!

yes, the whole tower killing/no real battle thing was WAY too quick. And as I said at my LJ WHERE WAS DUMBLEDORE'S FUNERAL PEOPLE?! Raised wands, nice touch, though, although I don't think in general that scene was grief stricken enough.

And you're right, I hadn't thought about them giving no explanation for him as the half blood prince - wtf?!

Still, overall VERY PLEASED! (I can't stop typing in caps today!)


Yeah, the finger on lips scene is my favourite too. And I envy you people so much. You HEARD him. And we had translation :/

Some say Dumbledore was to like Gandalf in the fire scene, but I don't think so. But those were definitely Gollums climbing out of the water :D

Unfortunately it seems to much to ask for the movie to be logical :/

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