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July 22, 2008



Sweetness, this pattern is simply FAB! I love it and a perfect blankie for a perfect babe. Sophie is so adorable!


It's beautiful! What a great pattern, Katie! And look how cute Sophie is!


So pretty! I love it. The colors are nice and girly without being, y'know, GIRLY. Dana


Wow! It's gorgeous! I mean the blanket, but it extends to Sophie as well :)
I'd be happy to help you make a chart. I can make it in Excel or in the knitting symbols font created by David Xenakis (which is free and which we are allowed to use).


A lovely looking blanket for a lovely looking little girl


Sophie is gorgeous as is the blanket.


Thank you for such a pretty pattern!


very nice! and totally perfect for sophie :)


Ooh, awesome pattern! Thanks for sharing it -- we have a few friends who are due to have babies in the next eight months or so, so I'll definitely be queuing this one. Also, thanks for the input on Jitterbug yarn, it definitely seemed like enough to me, even for knee socks for my younger daughter (smaller feet); I'll keep my fingers crossed :)


omg sophie looks so cute!! thank you for the beautiful blankie... she will enjoy many naps with it. happy bday eve!


Hey there, nearly birthday girl! I'm so glad you got that blanket finished, it's fabulous, I'm sure that Sophie will love it for many years to come.


This is gorgeous!!! what a great friend you are to make this for little Sophie!!


It's fantastic, and I'm really, really glad you've made it available, but I do have one correction - in the "Diamonds" section, at the end of row 1, you have the stitch count as 145. With 8 border stitches on each side, and six repeats of a 22 stitch pattern, it should be 149.


I think this blanket is great and am currently attempting to knit it. Thank you for making it available. I am new to knitting and this will be a first for me. Question... based on Scarlett's correction of 149 stitches needed with only 144 stiches cast on should there be 5 increases instead of one? Or should I cast on 148 stitches? I am only on row 4 of the diamonds section so I have not gotten too far. Please contact me directly at [email protected] with any helpful hints.



i like the pattern a lot... but kind of confuse on the first row after the pearls .. should it be 148 on the start and... for the 1st diamond should it be purl 6 then pFB?

please help...


Hello, I'm new to knitting so I was trying to follow this pattern exactly even though I couldn't finish all of the repeats. However, I just noticed some of the comments indicate there should be a correction, so I was wondering if you could post whethere or not there should be a correction... I don't want to get very far if I need to start over. Thank you.


Hi there, I too am stuck on row one after the pearls are done, I am a pretty seasoned knitted but have never done my own pattern, Is there a solution for the first row,?? btw love the blanket, and Sophie is adorable,,I only have 4 months to knit this so a fast solution would be great, thanks


There are many corrections in this pattern. First off you need to cast on 154 stitches instead of 144. Knit the border pattern for 8 rows to before starting the pattern for the body. Knit the border pattern for 6 stitches (which would be purling these stitches)then on the seventh stitch you pFB (purl in front then in back of same stitch) this will give you the 8 stitches you need for the border. Next instead of repeating the pattern between the astericks 5 times repeat the entire pattern 6 times. (That means that the one stitch before the repeating pattern should be included in each pattern repeat - that will give you 23 stitches in the pattern repeat instead of 22) There should be seven stitches left at the end - pFB the first of those stiches and then purl the next six. That will give you the 8 stiches for the ending border. You should now have 156 stitches.


I have to say I'm really disappointed with the errors in the pattern and wish the PDF would be updated or removed. I wanted to make this blanket for a friend and special ordered >$120 of yarn for the pattern. Put in a couple of hours before I hit the problem with Row 1 of the diamonds. I liked the blanket in the photos but I think I'll just be looking for another pattern.


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