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September 05, 2007


Ada (Fawn)


But I'm glad I can only crochet - it's quicker.


Ooh, just snuck a peek at the pattern, and it's looking good!


Awesome! I don't have your fortitude for endless blanket knitting and will only make them for people I really, really love, since little sweaters and hats and bootees are so very much quicker, but it's great to know there's a hot new addition to the arsenal of blanket patterns! Love the colors you chose, too. Haha, the name is making me think of Ikea for some reason - you know how the names of their furniture are almost familiar but not quite? It's like Finnian, it's like Phineas... but nope, it's Finnias!


It looks gorgeous! Thank you for the free pattern.


Great baby blanket! You should submit it to Knitty.


Thanks for posting -- it's so cute!

carrie m

great pattern! next baby in my life is getting one!


i love this blanket! what a great idea :)


gorgeous colors, what a nice combination!
really sophisticated.
i am taking a small break from blankets. i made 2 recently. now i am on to small projects.

Mike Cummings

hey katie! thanks for the blanket - it's awesome!! Finn loves it!! Great colors!! come out to brooklyn for BBQ soon.... Mike

Finn's Uncle Rob

Great colors - can't wait to see Finn with it! -RC


Hi! This blanket is so adorable! I just started making it, and I do have one question. I just finished the center rectangle, and I'm working on getting the next color started.

"Join Color B.
First Row of Pattern: On first stitch, kfb of that stitch. Knit across row with your circular needle. On last stitch of row, kfb of stitch."

So I'm increasing by 2 stitches if I'm doing a kfb at the beginning and end of the row, right? For a total of 46 stitches?

But then the next paragraph says I should only have 45 stitches. I'm confused :( Am I reading it wrong? Help please! :) Thanks!


I am at the same spot of the blanket as Elizabeth above...what to do with the 45 or 46 stitches?


Hi Elizabeth and Elizabeth! You are correct - you will have 46 stitches, not 45. Sorry about the confusion. I will have the PDF updated.

Thanks for pointing that out!


I can't wait to start this blanket - I love the pattern!!!


Hi Katie,

ur blanket is absolutely adorable! And though I have no baby but a lil boy (8) who loves to cuddle in a blanket on sofa while watching tv I think I'm going to knit it very soon :)

Tiffany Hitchcock

Question- First I LOVE this pattern, My DH was begging for me to make her one and this one is perfect.
My question is - when picking up stitches it states to kjb. How do I do this with a picked up stitch?
Thanks for your help.


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Poissaassogy: You are writing complete nonsense; has absolutely nothing to do with this baby blanket!
Which, BTW: I think is very cleaver!

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