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November 13, 2006



wahoo! thanks for the link katie! god, i can't wait to see that movie :)

your reviews are so much fun to read.. even for someone who almost never gets out to plays!

mary lou

Thanks for your kind comments on my blankies. And I wish I could see the play at Lincoln Center. I LOVE Tom Stoppard. I do miss being in NY (I'm living in MN) for many things. Lucky for me, there is fantastic theater here.

And I hope you are well after your incident in Times Square. Sorry to say that it happens everywhere. I had a baseball bat wielding drunk smash my windows out one night. Very midwestern apple pie, huh? But as Jane says, there will be little rubs and disappointments everywhere...


Hmmm, I think I might be feeling a little too sleepy to handle auspiciously obtuse today. Perhaps after a good night's sleep and a bit of trolling through the old philosophy notes from college I'll be up for it.

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