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July 16, 2007



Excellent review!! I saw it Saturday, and you have me severely tempted to go see it in imax, but I don't know if my heart could take it.


waiting to see greece photos!

I have an explation for the last point, if you want to hear....


I agree 100% with everything that you pointed out. The scene with the arch confused my husband who has not read the books. I wanted the whole ministry portion including all the bits before the order showed up. I thought leaving out Hermione getting hurt and how seriously everyone else was hurt took something away from the story. I think to people who have not read the books these kids seem to blunder through these attacks with little to no damage or skill and that is not true at all. I also wanted more ass kicking in the Voldermort v. Dumbledore scene. Where is the fear of Dumbledore that the book mentions? To the non-readers Harry seems whiny and Dumbledore seems like a slightly impressive wizard. I was also sad to see Dumbledore's flight from his office shortened it was one of the scenes I was most looking forward too.


Great review. As soon as we came out of the cinema my friend pointed out how come they could ride the Thestrals if they couldn't see them?
I think they could have put a bit more of Harry's Dad being rotten and Harry realising it, too.
I'm tempted by the Imax now too.


well - you asked for that:

I think that reading minds and blocking minds are... how can I say that? if you're good at one, you're horrible at the second. Harry is good at reading minds, he had natural talent for that, and therefore he needs to workd very hard on blocking his mind.imagine protecting computers from viruses - the best defence is have no connetion, but if you want to hack to someone, you have to lower your comp defence.

Harry has a natural talent and he's good at reading minds - he can read V minds ( amazing, if you remember that they are far apart), but V ( who is also very good mind reader) needs to practice mind shielding to defend his mind. so dose Dumbldore.
Snape, on the other hand, is too good at mind shielding - so good at that, so when he tries to do what D does on a causull talk with Harry at the second book, or what the twelve years old Tom does on the six, he needs a wand and a word, Snape! has to use his wand to do a simple spell !

another point is that to block you're mind you have to be compeletly calm, and Snape can't be calm around Harry.
I'm sorry, I'm tired and I'm afriad I used the read and shielding mind instead of occluthing and ge-thing - I wonder if snape will come and shout at me for that...

good night.


Oh god, the frightful cat plates - I was chortling away every time they came on screen. That touch was genius.

Explain to me this: have I just forgotten some detail from the book (I did only read #5 once), or were Luna and Harry referring to the thestrals as "nargals"? I kept hearing that word and I was confused.

I didn't understand why they changed Sirius's death scene either, except that maybe they were trying to remind us of the magic words that will be so important (gulp) in the next installment. But it was just about the best Snape feature yet, and Luna was a revelation.

Can we talk more about the knitwear? I'm seriously coveting that awesome mosaic-diamond/stripe raglan sweater that Neville was sporting in some of the Room of Requirement scenes, and I loved Ginny's vests. Of course, only a teen girl as skinny as she is could pull off chunky cables over the breasts, but I loved the look. And the blanket on the bed as Harry is packing to leave school! I'm also developing a real fondness for Ron's retro plaid sweater. I feel I need to see the movie again just to examine the knits (or, let's be honest - to catch some of the dialogue I may have missed while I was goggling at the knits).


I loved the movie also! I kept looking at Umbridge's pretty pink knitted cardigan wondering if it was hand knit. Luna was adorable and anytime Snape is around everyone chuckles. He's awesome!


OK, I have CLEARLY got to get my buns up to Vancouver and see this on the IMAX, not just our podunk little mall screen. (Actually, we were lucky at all to have a sitter and free tix and to get to a matinee on Sunday.)

The handknits were overwhelming; Umbridge was horrifying in her smug and clueless sadism (as a teacher she just makes me squirm; an indictment of government interference in education if I ever saw one); the room of requirement was lovely as, er, required; I cried the whole movie, on and off.

I'm with you--I don't pity the non-readers, because to me this film telegraphed so much of what the book contains. Did feel sorry that Ron didn't get to join the Quidditch team, though.


Fantastic review, Katie! I'm with you on pretty much every point--more Tonks, esp.! More everything, really. I'd be happy to sit through 10 hours as well.
Only 2. More. Days. I can barely sleep.

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